Organizations Work Together to Protect Women, Children's Rights, Interests

 November 13, 2022


During the past few years, cadres with Zhangxian Women's Federation have worked with employees of Zhangxian People's Court, Zhangxian People's Procuratorate, and the judicial and public security departments in Zhangxian (a county in Dingxi, a city in Northwest China's Gansu Province), to protect women and children's legal rights and interests. 

The federation and the court have established a center (in the county), which provides services to protect women's rights and interests. Several judges with the court help the federation's cadres handle women's letters, calls and cases involving the infringement of women's rights and interests. Several of the federation's cadres act as jurors when the court hears cases involving infringements of women and children's rights and interests. 

To strengthen the protection of women and children's legal rights and interests, the federation and the court have signed documents, in which the organizations' workers offered suggestions on how to improve their work related to both educating parents and establishing the work mechanism, through which the organizations work together to protect women and children's rights and interests. 

The federation and Zhangxian Municipal Public Security Bureau have set up a domestic violence complaint station, under which a police officer (with the bureau) provides legal aid to women victims of domestic violence. 

So far, the federation's cadres and workers with law enforcement agencies, and judicial and public security departments (in Zhangxian), have worked together to help residents resolve a combined 57 marital and family disputes. The cadres have helped the workers handle a combined 43 cases involving family disputes. 


(Women of China English Monthly October 2022 issue)


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