• Women and Innovative DevelopmentMay 3, 2018The world economy is making a difficult recovery amidst deep adjustments. The gap between rich and poor and between North and South is widening. Global growth lacks robust driving forces, which makes it difficult to sustain the steady growth of the world economy. Global economic governance lags behind and is difficult to adapt to new changes in world economy. The uneven global development makes it difficult to meet people's expectations for a better life. Therefore, we need to innovate so as to find a way out of the prolonged economic slowdown.
  • Women and a Beautiful WorldMay 3, 2018The world currently faces prominent problems affecting the development of human civilization, such as tightening resource constraints, serious environmental pollution, ecological degradation and frequent climate disasters. We need to constantly explore sustainable development paths and governance models.
  • Women and Mutually Beneficial CooperationMay 2, 2018At present, the world politics and economy are undergoing profound changes. Interconnection and interdependence among countries are reinforcing. It is a general trend to promote the reform of the global governance system based on the core concept of shared growth through consultation and collaboration, to make the international political and economic order more just and equitable, and to build a community of shared future for mankind. This is also a prerequisite for meeting global challenges and for achieving sustainable development.


AgendaMay 16, 2018May 17, 2018

09:00-09:45 Opening
10:00-12:30 High-level Conference "Pooling Women’s Strength for Shared Development"
14:00-15:30 1st plenary meeting: Women and Innovative Development
15:45-17:15 2nd plenary meeting: Women and the Beautiful World
18:30-20:00 Welcome reception

09:00-10:30 3rd plenary meeting: Women and Mutually Beneficial Cooperation
10:45-11:15 Closing
Afternoon   Field visits