Female Official Serves Disadvantaged Villagers WholeheartedlyJuly 26, 2017A female CPC official from Henan Province has served local villagers wholeheartedly over the past several years.
A Tribute to Late Red Cross Staff Member in North ChinaJuly 27, 2017The life of Yang Haiyan, an employee from the Red Cross Society of China's branch in Handan, is a story of an inspirational model who has tried her utmost to help others throughout her life and in...
'Buzha' Expert Offers Free Training to Promote Poverty ReliefJuly 26, 2017A buzha expert from Yunnan Province has dedicated herself to teaching craft skills to women in remote villages to help them shake off poverty.
Woman Writer from Xinjiang Features Her Life in Latest BookJuly 27, 2017Li Juan, a Xinjiang-based writer born in the 1970s, has won wide acclaim for her prose featuring Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region since she wrote for a newspaper.
Lü Zhi: 1st Queen Recorded in Chinese HistoryJuly 24, 2017Lü Zhi, the empress of Emperor Liu Bang, who started the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), is the first queen and queen mother to be recorded in the Chinese history.