Artist Completes Embroidery Work Along the River During the Qingming FestivalMay 2, 2018Recently, Xing Lanfang, an embroidery artist from Shijiazhuang, capital of North China’s Hebei Province, completed her creation Along the...
Chinese Overseas Student Shows Extra Passion in Learning FrenchJuly 16, 2018A Chinese student who studies in Europe has shown great persistence and positive energy in overcoming obstacles to learn French and realize her dream of becoming a language teacher.
The Last Champion of the Song BrocadeJuly 16, 2018Qian Xiaoping may have been lauded as the person who revived the Song brocade, but the humble 79-year-old insists that she is merely "a copycat of her predecessors' innovations".
Female Writer Shares Experiences, Ideas on Friendship, LifeJuly 10, 2018Chinese female writer Bi Shumin recently published the bilingual edition of her book Tender Thistles, together with famous translator Zhu Hong.
Chinese Women Contributed Greatly to Society in 20th C.November 21, 2017There was a famous group of Chinese women in the 20th century who never married or had children, but committed themselves to pushing forward culture, social advancement and female liberation.