Du Yifang: Folk Artist Makes Rooster DollsJanuary 17, 2017Folk artist Du Yifang from east China's Shandong Province shows a passion for making rooster dolls.
Jiang Qiong'er: Spreading Culture with Fashion and DesignJanuary 16, 2017For Jiang Qiong'er, the CEO and designer of Shangxia, selling merchandise is a small part of her mission
Singer-Songwriter Returns to Her Jazz RootsJanuary 14, 2017Chinese-American Shunza, who has teamed up with the Red Groove Project, is currently touring major cities on China's mainland.
Young Writer Publishes Fantasy Story in UK's Most Prestigious JournalJanuary 16, 2017Science fiction writer Wang Yao has gained a glowing reputation as one of the star authors of her generation.
Yang Houzhen: Female Soldier Who Overcame Foot-Binding to Join Long MarchJanuary 4, 2017Yang is the ex-wife of Luo Binghui (1897-1946), the commander of the 9th Corps of the Red Army.