All for LoveNovember 15, 2017A postgraduate student and her partners have invented a sign-language-translation system.
TCM Pharmacist Safeguards Food and Drug SafetyNovember 16, 2017A young pharmacist of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from the city of Lanzhou, northwest China's Gansu Province, has won multiple awards in the past five years for her meticulousness and...
US' Hirshhorn Museum Honors Chinese Singer-Songwriter Ai JingNovember 9, 2017Chinese folk singer-songwriter Ai Jing was recognized as "Three Generations of Trailblazing Women" for pioneering new forms of contemporary art.
Writer Mo Yan Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree by Baptist University in Hong KongNovember 14, 2017Nobel literature laureate Mo Yan attends the honorary doctoral degree conferment ceremony at Baptist University in Hong Kong, south China.
Liang HongyuNovember 6, 2017Liang Hongyu, a brave woman in the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279), is one of the Four Great Heroines in ancient China.