Chen Liping: Protector of China's Famous Fashion HeritageSeptember 19, 2017Chen Liping, a female entrepreneur of east China's Zhejiang Province, is an active inheritor and protector of Qipao culture in China.
Woman Celebrates Her 117th Birthday in SW China's SichuanSeptember 21, 2017Zhu Zhengshi will celebrate her 117th birthday on Thursday in her hometown of Chengdu.
Embroidery Expert Keeps Traditional Craft AliveSeptember 22, 2017An embroidery expert has recently dedicated herself to giving regular craft-making skills training to fellow female villagers.
Nobel Prize Winner Mo Yan Returns with New StoriesAugust 29, 2017Nobel Prize winner, Mo Yan, has announced his new work.
Shangguan Wan'erSeptember 17, 2017Shangguan Wan'er (AD 664-710), the first woman premier in China, lived in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-908).