Legal Service Center, ACWF

April 2, 2015
Editor: Kiki Liu

Legal Service Center of ACWF is a non-profit organization affiliated with ACWF, it is under the guidance of legal affairs department of ACWF. As the assistance and reinforcement of rights protection work of ACWF, the Legal Service Center is an independent legal entity providing women and children with law assistant service.


  • to protect the legal rights of women and children and providing law assistant service for them in accordance with the basic function requirements of ACWF.
  •  to guide women increasing law awareness and ability to protect self-rights.
  •  to build up a social environment which respects women and protects children.
  •  to promote the equal and harmonious development of both sexes, further implement the basic state policy of gender equality and make contribution for the construction of socialist harmonious society.


  • Conducting consultations and providing legal help and assistance to women and children.
  • Establishing volunteer teams composed of experts and scholars to provide legal help, and setting up news networks tasked with safeguarding women and children's rights and interests.
  • Organizing research and training regarding the protection of women and children's rights and interest.
  • Participating in international exchanges, and promoting cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts.


12338--Hotline for women's rights protection of ACWF

16838198--Hotline for Mary Kay anti-domestic violence of ACWF

No.7 Baishu Hutong, Dengshikou, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tel: 010-65234590/65234591 (the website helps protect Chinese women's rights and provides legal aid)



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