China Women's Publishing House

April 2, 2015
Editor: Kiki Liu

China Women's Publishing House, established in 1981, is the comprehensive publishing house at central level that All-China Women's Federation sponsored whose aim is to serve woman, children and social vast reader with outstanding books. It recommends China women's movement and achievement to society and world on one hand, represents Chinese women elegance, helps the masses of women to understand society and world on one hand, abundant its' inner world , improve its artistic appreciation. The books published here range in political theory, ideological cultivation, social science, law, literature and art, biography, marriage family, home education, juvenile's reading materials, mother and child care, various kinds of living types, culture books, the translations and reference books.


The publishing house attaching to Chinese women's audio & video press has books plan centre, woman study activity plan centre, books marketing center and administrative center. It has formed certain business scale with high-quality editing and publishing team, large quantities of books having good quality and publisher of certain social influence. It's chosen as the national good publishing house for the second time in succession by the Press and Publications Administration.



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