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ACWF Launches Latest Program to Encourage Female Innovation, Entrepreneurship  

Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of the ACWF, speaks at the press conference for the launch of the Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Action. [Women of China/Zhang Ping]


The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) announced the launch of the Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Action this June in Beijing. The initiative aims to encourage rural and urban women across the country to commit themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship in China's "new normal" economic phrase.

The phrase "new normal", first proposed by Premier Li Kejiang earlier this year, refers to a stage in the Chinese economy where growth remains at middle to high rate.

The latest move is in alliance with the implementation of the central government's "public entrepreneurship and innovation" strategy and seeks to help women to take advantage of new opportunities such as "Internet plus" (the integration of the Internet and traditional industries through online platforms and IT).

The program will focus on improving women's abilities to start up businesses and encouraging innovation. New training will be developed on the Internet, exemplary bases will be established to provide examples for women to follow and social resources will be encouraged to support the program.

In addition, services will be more available to women who want to start their own businesses and innovate.

The ACWF encourages women to make full use of existing resources such as interest free small loans. The federation also leads women to take advantage of support policies including tax breaks, and will raise the profile of such policies via media outlets.

Based on real-life conditions, the ACWF will lobby the government to implement more supportive policies.

The ACWF will also encourage women entrepreneurs, academic institutions and grassroots women's organizations to provide and develop incubation services for start-ups.

The ACWF will promote the construction of support centers for women's hand-knitting and weaving as a way to motivate individuals to work from home. In addition, it will build exemplary centers for promoting women's employment through e-commerce, gather together talented women in e-entrepreneurship and improve women's abilities to develop and start online businesses.

The ACWF will also organize business mentors to help female university students. It will organize women volunteers to establish a charity program to provide support teams for women entrepreneurs. Through lecturing, the teams will provide training on startups, and help female university students, unemployed or laid-off women, rural women and migrant women who return to their hometowns to build businesses there.

New strategic relationships between social organizations and new media outlets to advocate women's entrepreneurship and innovation will be promoted.

The ACWF will seize the opportunity of China's "one belt and one road" strategy to promote sharing of resources and markets as well as cooperation between the region's women. It will encourage women's agricultural cooperatives to make use of the Internet to develop their business models, connect themselves with urban resources, and establish cooperation with urban women. Women university graduates and village officials are encouraged to establish start-ups together.

All levels of women's federations will publicize the actions and equip women with open and tolerant attitudes to the Internet, big data, sharing and mutual learning. They will select women role models to boost women's entrepreneurship and innovation.

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