• New AuntDecember 29, 2017Author: Wang Hai
    Publisher: The Writers Publishing House
    Description: It tells a story of an ordinary woman, born in turbulent times, who becomes an...
  • China's New Workers: Female Workers' StoriesDecember 28, 2017Author: Lü Tu
    Publisher: Sanlian Bookstore
    Description: The book contains the stories of 34 typical female workers aged between around 20 and 70, with a...
  • Do We Still Have SoulsDecember 27, 2017Author: Yi Xiaohe
    Publisher: Beijing Publishing Group & Beijing October Arts and Literature Publishing House
    Description: The book is a collection of short...
  • Famous Ink Wash Artist Releases New Book in ShanghaiDecember 21, 2017Author: Fu Yiyao
    Publisher: Shanghai Cishu Publishing House
    Description: The book is about the writer's reflections on life and art in a new form.
  • Gender Studies of LawDecember 18, 2017Author: Ma Shu
    Publisher: China Social Sciences Publishing House
    Description: Gender Studies of Law carries out further research on legal provisions,...
  • Jewish Refugees in China (1933-1945): History, Perspective and Chinese ModelDecember 13, 2017Author: Pan Guang
    Publisher: Shanghai Jiaotong University Publishing House
    Description: The book gives a new Chinese perspective on Jewish refugees in China ...
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