Editor's note

  • At the Astana Summit of the SCO held in June 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward five proposals on the development of the SCO, namely strengthening solidarity and coordination, joining hands to tackle challenges, deepening practical cooperation, enhancing people-to-people bonds, and upholding openness and inclusiveness. President Xi announced that China would take over the rotating presidency of the SCO and host the next summit in June 2018, and proposed a series of important initiatives and measures, including hosting the SCO Forum on Women.
    This is the first time that a forum on women will be held under the framework of  SCO. Under the theme of "Harnessing the Power of Women for Common Development", the Forum will have three topics: "Women and Innovative Development", "Women and a Beautiful World", and "Women and Mutually Beneficial Cooperation". The forum is designed to enhance women's communication and cooperation, promote gender equality and women's development in relevant countries, inject vigor and vitality into the SCO's development, and make due contributions to fulfill the goals of the organization.
  • Shanghai Cooperation
    Organisation (SCO)

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    AgendaMay 16, 2018

    09:00-09:45 Opening
    10:00-12:30 High-level Conference "Pooling Women’s Strength for Shared Development"
    14:00-15:30 1st plenary meeting: Women and Innovative Development
    15:45-17:15 2nd plenary meeting: Women and the Beautiful World
    18:30-20:00 Welcome reception