Chinese Women's Changing Attitudes Towards High-heeled Shoes

 July 31, 2018

This year marks the 40 anniversary of China's implementation of reform and opening-up policies, and during the process, many moments have left a deep memory for all Chinese people.

In the 1930s, Chinese women were first amazed by the charm of high-heeled shoes, which also refreshed women's perception of beauty.

Meanwhile, the perfect match of high-heeled shoes, as foreign goods, with the Chinese cheongsam has always occupied an important position in Chinese women's apparel culture.

At that time, because of long-term material deprivation and the popular perception of beauty, Chinese women prefer rugged unisex style to feminine attire.

So, Chinese women at that time were usually dressed in a rigid style and single color, and women often wore flat shoes.
With the reform and opening-up, the emancipation of people's minds was also reflected in their change of clothes.

In 1984, the movie Red Skirts in the Street became a hit. Almost all the Chinese girls desired a red skirt. In the 1990s, it became women's fashion to wear dresses and high-heels shoes, and even until today, the high-heeled shoe is still the first fashion choice for Chinese women.

During the past 40 years, the dressing styles of common people have changed from unified to diversified, showing the broadness of people's horizons, especially the awakening and release of individuality.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)


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