Bus Driver Devotes Herself to Serving Passengers, Helps Improve Bus Services

March 3, 2020
Editor: Wei Xuanyi

As well as being elected as a delegate to the National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012 and 2017, Yang has received many awards and titles, including National March 8th Red-banner Pacesetter, National May 1st Labor Medalist, National Outstanding Party Member, National Labor Role Model, and she was featured on the National List of Good Samaritans, to commend her fulfillment of personal responsibilities and duties in the workplace.

Contributing to Serving Passengers

Yang became a bus driver in 1994. Now, she is operating the No. 107 bus.

Yang often gives warm reminders to passengers, especially the elderly and children, when they get on and off her bus. In addition, she always tries her utmost to communicate with bus riders. She has learned sign language and dialects from local teachers and relatives from other places. She provides umbrellas, first-aid kits, medicines and newspapers on the bus in an effort to better act as a guide and spokesperson for the city's cultural and ethical civilization.

To better serve the passengers, she memorized all of the bus routes, and all of the stops along the routes, in the city. She looked on the city's map and relevant materials, to make mental note of the city's specialties and many of the residential communities, enterprises, tourist attractions and public institutions in the city. She studied sign language from teachers at the school for deaf-mutes, so she could communicate with people who were deaf and/or mute. She provides umbrellas, common medicines, newspaper and magazines and first-aid kits to her passengers when needed. She guides passengers to offer their seats for the elderly, people with physical disabilities, pregnant women, and other needy persons. She also helps people who have difficulty in walking to get on and off the bus.

Yang introduces the stores, markets and scenic spots along the bus route and how to transfer to other buses to tourists. During the 2nd China Flower-Drum Lantern Art Festival held in Bengbu in 2008, a passenger got on her bus at the origin station. He asked Yang about the scenic spots in the city and how to take a bus. She introduced to the passenger in detail, and she drew a precise map for him.

Later, the passenger called the hotline of Bengbu Bus Group, to convey his thanks to Yang. He said he was an inventor from Xiamen, a city in Southeast China's Fujian Province, and he emphasized that her considerate service had left a deep impression on him and helped him to better remember the city.

Taking the Lead in Improving Bus Services

The safety of her passengers matters most to Yang when she drives a bus. Yang has always made it a point for her not to become angry with others in the process of driving; she doesn't race against other vehicles, or start her bus without the proper check-ups.

Meanwhile, Yang has often sought advice from other veteran drivers on how to improve her driving skills, and how to repair the bus and reduce energy consumption. She takes a small notebook with her, to write down her problems and other people's good experiences. Moreover, Yang has taken great pains to learn how to properly stop her bus, make turns without shaking passengers and control her speed.

Yang became a model of the bus drivers in Bengbu in 2009. The Bengbu City Public Transportation Group formulated the "Miaomiao" bus-service standards, based on Yang's work experiences, to improve services provided by its drivers in August 2009. In 2011, the company established "Miaomiao Line" (No. 107 Bus), composed of 40 bus drivers. Under the demonstration and exemplary effect of Yang, the drivers have made a noticeable improvement of their services and won high acclaim from the public. They have driven several million kilometers, combined, without an accident. They have not received one complaint from a passenger. Drivers with the "Miaomiao Line" have become role models in the public transportation industry of Anhui Province, even the whole country.

Yang and her colleagues have been collectively conferred with many awards and titles, including the National Pioneering Workers, May 1st Women Role Model Post and National March 8th Red Banner Collective in the past few years, in recognition of their sound performance in the workplace.

Being Ready to Help Others

Yang has always been prepared to offer her assistance to the underprivileged people even when she is off duty.

Thanks to the consistent encouragement of Yang, a young female neighbor with physical disabilities regained confidence in her future life and became more determined to face difficulties several years ago. Right now, the woman has a satisfactory job, a healthy baby, and a harmonious family. She often says to others that she owes much to Yang for her invaluable assistance.

Yang has exerted her utmost efforts to help children from disaster-hit regions, teenagers with physical disabilities, children from impoverished and migrant families and the elderly living in nursing homes over the past decades.

Furthermore, the company set up a scholarship several years ago to assist impoverished students in the completion of their academic studies.

"As a Party member bus driver, my words and actions represent the image of the public transportation industry and the city. I will try my best to meet the requirements of the customers," said Yang.


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