'Most Beautiful Family' Title Winners Join in Fight Against Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

February 7, 2020
Editor: Wang Liyan

In response to the appeal of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), the winners of "most beautiful family" title across the country are participating in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic. 

Ge Suying's Family

During this Spring Festival holiday, Ge Suying, from Tangshan City, North China's Hebei Province, asked every family member to do their best to prevent the spread of the virus by frequently washing their hands, ventilating rooms and staying at home. They canceled their visits to relatives and friends and purchased supplies for epidemic prevention. 

In addition, Ge's family donated disinfectant worth 10,000 yuan (US $1,429) to the Tangshan Infectious Diseases Hospital. 

Fu Liangling's Family

Honored as one of the most beautiful families of South China's Hainan Province in 2019, Fu Liangling's family is contributing to the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic. 

Fu, a March 8th Red-banner Holder of the province, is deputy director of the anti-drugs office of Haidian Sub-district in Haikou, capital city of Hainan Province, and she has been involved in the epidemic prevention since the first day of the lunar year. 

She is responsible for epidemic prevention and control, including publicizing information about epidemic prevention and conducting temperature checks in hotels, rental houses and residential areas. She also reports suspected cases immediately and gives psychological assistance to the people suspected of being infected by the virus. 

Zhou Jun's Family

Zhou Jun's family is one of the most beautiful families in East China's Jiangxi Province. Zhou and her husband Tong Jianhua work in Guixi People's Hospital. After becoming aware of the epidemic, they applied to work in the most heavily-stricken area. 

Due to lack of cleaning staff during the Spring Festival holiday, Tong set up a team responsible for garbage removal and disinfection as quickly as possible. To ensure adequate rest for medical staff, he reconstructed vacant wards into a rest area equipped with washing machine, microwave oven and television for medical workers and provided supporting services to them. 

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, Zhou is sticking to her position in the epidemic-stricken area to give medical care as needed. 

Zhang Yongying's Family

Zhang Yongying's family, one of the national "most beautiful families," also participates in the on-going battle against novel coronavirus. 

Zhang is responsible for registering incoming and outgoing vehicles, disinfection, checking body temperature for villagers, publicizing information about epidemic prevention and taking care of the elderly who live alone. 

Zhang's husband stays busy participating in the construction of temporary working room for the epidemic control in the village. 

Her son and daughter-in-law are also doing their duty for epidemic control.

Zhao Chunhua's Family

Zhao Chunhua, a recipient of the honorary title of the national "most beautiful families," did a good job in publicizing epidemic prevention and control in Neiqiu County, Hebei Province. 

Zhao updated authorized news on her WeChat moments and her community, students and parents' WeChat groups in a timely way, to give people the latest information of the epidemic and the prevention methods. 

As a Party member, she voluntarily monitored homecoming people in the community and registered anyone who had a fever. 

She raised money totaling 11,500 yuan (US $1,643) to purchase coats, instant noodles, drinking water and disinfectant for the workers involved in the epidemic prevention and control at the epidemic check points. 

Lai Yanli's Family

Lai Yanli, is president of the Women's Federation of Guanzhoujie Sub-district in Haizhu District in Guangzhou, capital city of South China's Guangdong Province.

She keeps a close 24/7 eye on the situation of the epidemic prevention in the community and reports relevant information every day. 

Hearing about the shortage of masks, Lai's husband and son tried their best and finally bought 400 facial masks for impoverished people and elderly people who live alone. 

Lai also released an initiative to call on local families to join in epidemic prevention and control work on her WeChat account and launched hotlines for virus prevention and psychological assistance.


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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