Bonita Ho: Witnessing the Great Leap of Motherland

 December 14, 2019

Bonita Ho, Member of the 13th Executive Committee of Guangxi Women's Federation and Chartered President of Macao True Goodwill Women Association [Women of China]


I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. In 2005, I moved to Macao with my family, and we became permanent residents in 2013. I have been in the import and export business for more than 20 years.

During the 1990s, I often led foreign customers to visit the factories in the Chinese mainland, and I also attended domestic and foreign trade fairs to promote made-in-China products. I witnessed the process of China becoming the world's factory after the reform and opening-up.

Since I moved to Macao, I have followed the good tradition of loving the motherland and loving Macao, and I have also participated in social services and cared about the disadvantaged groups. Since 2007, I have visited 12 regions in six provinces in the Chinese mainland to participate in charitable activities.

In 2017, the Macao True Goodwill Women Association assisted Guangxi Women's Federation in building 10 children's homes in Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. We have encouraged loving individuals and groups to donate 500,000 yuan (US $71,428) to build the children's homes.

Bonita Ho, Member of the 13th Executive Committee of Guangxi Women's Federation and Chartered President of Macao True Goodwill Women Association [Women of China]


This year, I visited an exhibition, in Beijing, marking the country's development since the founding of the PRC 70 years ago. Through the exhibition, I saw the improvement of people's livelihoods and the nation's development, progress and promising future. Our motherland has made a great leap from standing up to becoming rich to becoming strong, which is truly exciting and inspiring. I also visited Xibaipo, a major revolutionary site in North China's Hebei Province.

Macao has received great support from the Chinese Central Government since its return to China, and the region has experienced remarkable changes. It is no longer just a place known for its gaming industry. Macao now has a diversified development.

Under the guidance of the "one country, two systems" principle, Macao is on its way to becoming a global center for tourism and leisure and a commercial and trade cooperation service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. According to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Macao is one of the four key cities in the area, which presents significant opportunities to the development of Macao.

I will participate in the construction of the GBA, and I will carry forward the tradition of loving the motherland and loving Macao. I will also uphold the "one country, two systems" principle and contribute to the promotion of the stability and development of Macao.


(Women of China)


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