Homes Provide Reliable, Trustworthy Services to Women

ByLi Wenjie December 3, 2021
Homes Provide Reliable, Trustworthy Services to Women
Zhangxian Women's Federation establishes micro-sized women's homes to better serve local women.


To better serve women, Zhangxian Women's Federation in recent years has established 285 experimental, micro-sized women's homes in Zhangxian, a county in Northwest China's Gansu Province. The women's federations, at the grassroots level in Zhangxian, organize various activities in the homes, to popularize information about the Party (Communist Party of China)'s political line and policies, and to share scientific and cultural knowledge with women. The homes, which provide reliable, trustworthy services, have become "warm homes" for in-need women.

The tinfoil-processing micro-sized home, established by the federation, recently provided training to women in Caizichuan, a village in Zhangxian. The course was well received by many of the women, who learned the skills needed to process tinfoil. Left-behind women (whose husbands have left home to work elsewhere) and women accompanying their children (studying at school) were the primary beneficiaries.

"We are grateful to the federation's cadres, who provide the training to women … I'll lead more women in improving our processing skills, so we can live better lives through hard work," says Kang Xiaohong, head of the home.

Many elderly residents, who live alone in Shagoutai (another village in Zhangxian), are grateful to the federation's cadres and volunteers, who every day offer — free of charge — delicious foods cooked by the canteen for the elderly (in the village). That saves the elders the trouble of cooking for themselves. The micro-sized home for elderly residents (who live alone in the village) often conducts activities in the canteen, to help and care for the elders.

Homes Provide Reliable, Trustworthy Services to Women
Staff members of Zhangxian Women Federation and women volunteers make dumplings for elderly residents.


The women's micro-sized home in Chengxi (a community in Wuyang, a town in Zhangxian) provides courses to help women increase their knowledge of the law. Many participants have said they have benefited greatly from the courses, as they can use their new-found knowledge to protect their rights and interests.

The micro-sized home in Zhaizichuan (a village in Zhangxian) often arranges village officials to give lectures to villagers, to help them improve their morality. The home recently initiated an activity to encourage villagers to promote good family traditions. Several villagers, who performed exceedingly well in maintaining harmonious relationships within their families, and in cleaning their houses and protecting the village's environment, shared their stories of promoting good family traditions.

In the micro-sized home in Dacaotan (a town in Zhangxian), the federation's cadres often lead women in studying about both the Party's historical development and the federation's work policies. The cadres also organize the women to discuss how to promote the spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping's speeches (in recent years) on the promotion of women's all-round development, and on the protection of women's legal rights and interests.

With the federation's support, women's micro-sized homes, in various areas in Zhangxian, in recent years have conducted colorful activities (including dancing, calligraphy and tea ceremony), to enrich women's lives. Many homes have provided public-welfare services to women. More than 4,500 women have benefited from the activities.

Homes Provide Reliable, Trustworthy Services to Women
A calligraghy training conducted to enrich women's lives


In July 2021, the federation promulgated a work plan to promote the construction of micro-sized homes in various areas in Zhangxian. Du Huijuan, the federation's president, recently told media the federation's cadres would lead the homes' members in improving their services, to help women live better lives.


Photos Supplied by Zhangxian Women's Federation

(Women of China English Monthly October 2021 issue)


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