Young Woman Helps Villagers Lead Prosperous Life with Bamboo Wine

November 18, 2021
Young Woman Helps Villagers Lead Prosperous Life with Bamboo Wine()

Yang Guifei is a 28-year-old young woman of Miao ethnic group in Huilong Village, Chishui City, southwest China's Guizhou Province. She is well-known for helping his fellow villagers to make fortune by producing bamboo wine in recent years.

In 2016, Yang discovered by watching a TV news that producing bamboo wine is an ideal way to make money and her hometown is rich in bamboo source. So she quit job, went home and started her own business — producing bamboo wine.

She collected lots of first-hand experience by carrying out in-depth research of bamboo wine processing procedures in Fujian and Henan provinces where quality of bamboo wine is outstanding.

Bamboo wine is made by inserting wine inside of growing young bamboos and leaving it to ferment for four to six months. Secondary fermentation inside the growing bamboos is believed to give the wine a better taste.

Today, Yang has expanded to cover a bamboo forest. When bamboo wine is ready, her fellow villagers will help her to take the wine out of grown-up bamboo, through which locals increase their income by working for Yang and selling their grown-up bamboos in local market.


(Source: Xinhua)