Disabled Girl Struggles for Better Education

Source :Women of China
December 1, 2020
Disabled Girl Struggles for Better Education()

Huang Hui, 14, was diagnosed with systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (a serious disease that can cause organ failure) when she was 9. Although her family spent large sums on treatment, Huang still ended up with disabilities; she has deformed leg and foot joints, and is almost blind in her left eye. Her right eye can only see objects 50 cm away, which can't be corrected by glasses.

However, Huang didn't lose confidence and showed open-mindedness and strength in overcoming her misfortune. Due to her strong will to continue learning, her father, Huang Dezhong, sent her to school again after a year off, and hoped she would learn as much as she could.

Because of her eyesight, Huang's learning is more difficult than that of ordinary people. A magnifying glass with a shattered shell and tape on its handle has become her other "eye."

In class, although she couldn't see any words on the blackboard, she always raised and tilted her head, listening intently and putting the magnifier close to her right eye.

Even when her eyes are less than 5 cm away from a book, she can only see one or two characters at a time, and often can't find the beginning or the end when reading English words. After class, she often seeks advice from her classmates, or participates in some simple sports to help her recover.

Aware of Huang's difficulties, volunteer teachers of the school tutor her on weekends, and during winter and summer vacations. "She is conscientious and self-motivated. Generally speaking, her scores can reach the middle level of the class," said Zhou Jifeng, the head teacher, who was positive about Huang's performance.

After school, Huang comes home to the 20-square-meter oyster mushroom greenhouse that her parents run to support the family. It is currently the season of oyster mushrooms, so every day Huang not only has to take care of her and her brother's homework, make the dinner and do the housework at home, but also help her parents carry and pack the oyster mushrooms.

"As long as she is willing to study, no matter how hard, we will try our best to support her," said Huang's father. He hopes that Huang can work hard to be recruited in medical college to study Chinese medicine and give back to society.


(Source: CNSPHOTO/Translated and edited by Women of China)