Women's Federations in E China's Jiangxi Rise to Fight off Flood

Source :Women of China
July 17, 2020
Women's Federations in E China's Jiangxi Rise to Fight off Flood()

East China's Jiangxi Province has been experiencing one of the worst floods in recent years. Floods have affected about 5.5 million people in Jiangxi on July 6-12, with 475,000 people being evacuated.  

Officials from the women's federations at all levels in the province are fighting on the front line of the disaster relief, including resettlement of the affected people, logistical support and psychological counseling. The women's federations have mobilized loving people and enterprises to donate money and goods, and sent daily necessities to disaster-hit areas timely.

The Jiangxi Women and Children's Development Foundation (JXWCDF) called for a society-wide fund-raising activity on June 10, and submitted written reports on the local flood situation to the China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF) and the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) for financial and material support.

As of July 6, the JXWCDF had received the CCTF's relief materials worth 1.2 million yuan (US $171,480), which benefited 5,000 children in 30 schools in Ganzhou City and 1,500 households in Yichun and Xinyu cities. It received the Postal Parcels for Mothers from the CWDF with a value of 150,000 yuan (US $21,435), benefiting 500 mothers in Ji'an, Fuzhou and Shangrao cities.

Members of the village-stationed working team in Leilan Village from the Jiangxi Women's Federation have fought on the front line of the flood control with local women and village officials since the rain started to pour down in early July.

Bao Liyun, first secretary of Leilan Village, led village officials and members of the working team to monitor the water levels of the ponds, ditches and reservoirs and the situation of the spillways regularly. They set up guardrails and billboards beside the ponds before the flood season in a bid to prevent drowning. They have also promoted drowning prevention knowledge in the village's primary school.


(Source: Jiangxi Women's Federation/Translated and edited by Women of China)