Village-Stationed Official Strives for Work-Life Balance in Anti-Poverty Battle

Editor :Wang Liyan
Source :Xinhua
Village-Stationed Official Strives for Work-Life Balance in Anti-Poverty Battle()

Mao Xin became first secretary of a village in Santang Town, Nanning City, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in October 2015. Given her efforts, the whole village shook off poverty two years later.

Mao took the initiative again to join poverty relief work, and she became first secretary of Longkai Village, Jiafang Township, in Nanning, in November 2017.

Longkai is one of 56 villages in deep poverty in Nanning. Mao and local village officials have made great efforts to lift the villagers out of poverty. To date, a total of 504 people from 142 households have escaped poverty and 15 villagers from four households still live in poverty.

After Spring Festival this year, Mao brought her 68-year-old mother, 10-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son from the urban areas to live with her, trying to concentrate more on the battle of poverty alleviation. 

"This is a last resort. My husband is very busy with work and does not have much time to take care of our children, while I seldom have a chance to return to Nanning to see them. So, I have to take them with me," said Mao.

Mao's daughter, a pupil in the fourth grade, was transferred to study at a primary school in Jiafang.

These days, Mao sends her daughter to school every morning, and then visits from door to door for poverty alleviation work. In the evening, she has to pick up her daughter. She enjoys the time with her family despite the tight schedule.

Mao's great efforts have been recognized in local areas. She won the county-level honorary title of the Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation for two consecutive years. 

She keeps in mind both her small family and the big family of the nation, and never gets bored with what she does. "All of this is to live up to my mission and responsibility as a Party member," said Mao. 


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

July 8, 2020