NPC Deputy Dedicated to Textile Industry

Editor :Wang Liyan
Source :Xinhua
NPC Deputy Dedicated to Textile Industry()

He Fei, deputy to the National People's Congress, is a textile worker at the first affiliated factory of a local textiles company in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province. He acts as head of Zhao Mengtao team, a national advanced production team named after Zhao Mengtao, a late model worker in China. 

He has often spent her spare time in accompanying new workers to practice their textile skills, passing on her experience to them. Many of them are now technical backbones at the factory.

She also led her team to innovate methods of operating the textile machines, which helped optimize the workforce and increase efficiency. 

During the fight against the novel coronavirus disease, He led her team members to stick to their posts, working hard to fulfill tasks on schedule. 

He said she will continue to pass on Zhao's spirit of struggle and innovation, and is dedicated to advancing high-quality development of the textile industry.


(Source: Xinhua and and edited by Women of China)

May 22, 2020