A Glimpse into the Life of Post-90s Women Subway Drivers

Source :Women of China
January 5, 2020
A Glimpse into the Life of Post-90s Women Subway Drivers()

A subway driver team consisting of 13 women members, aged 21-25, is at work along Line One in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Though they are young, they have excellent driving skills and are highly professional.

Line One is the first urban rail transit line in Guiyang. It began operation on December 28, 2017. The 13 women subway drivers are the first group of drivers in the city.

They start to work at around 4:00 am, when many people are still sound asleep. The first thing they must do to get ready for work is to check their appearance, so they usually get up 20 minutes earlier every day than the male drivers.

There is a ritualistic process they must follow before work. First of all, they copy their driving accounts, and then take an exam on the computer. The exam is about common sense in train operations.

Subway driving is a job which requires long-term training, and a high sense of responsibility and mission. The drivers not only need professional skills and excellent psychological qualities to deal with emergencies, but also a spirit of dedication and hard work.

They seem to have a sociable job but in fact they are always alone and each of them has to be able to undertake the tasks alone.

These women have been making great efforts to master the skills to ensure passengers' safety. Only when they have a break can they ease their nerves and become as lively and talkative as other girls of the same age.


(Women of China)