Zhao Yiman: A National Heroine in Resistance against Japanese Aggression

 August 2, 2020
Zhao Yiman: A National Heroine in Resistance against Japanese Aggression
The sculpture of Zhao Yiman [CNSPHOTO]


Zhao Yiman, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is a legendary heroine who fought against Japanese invading troops in northeast China from 1931 to 1936, and sacrificed her life fearlessly for saving the nation from the Japanese aggression.

Zhao was born in Yibin County, Sichuan Province in October 1905. She joined the Socialist Youth League of China in 1923 and became a full member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1926. In September 1927, she went to the former Soviet Union to study at Sun Yat-sen University. She returned to China in the winter of 1928, and engaged in underground revolutionary work in Shanghai, and then in Jiangxi Province. After the September 18th Incident, she was sent to northeast China to start up struggles against the Japanese aggression. She laid down her life in 1936.

In November 1935, the Japanese aggressors and the puppet troops encircled the 2nd Regiment of the 3rd Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Forces. Zhao, as Political Commissar of the regiment, commanded her troops to fight fiercely against the enemies and killed more than 30 of their number. In order to cover the troops as they broke through the enemy’s encirclement, Zhao was seriously wounded.

Several days later, the enemy found Zhao in a farmhouse where she had stayed to heal her wound. In the fighting at the farmhouse, she was wounded again and captured by the enemy. Cruelly tortured, Zhao would rather die than yield. In order to extort a confession, the enemy sent her to a hospital to receive treatment. Once there, she loudly proclaimed the principle of resisting against the Japanese aggression and saving the nation. Han Yongyi, a female nurse, and Dong Xianxun, a guard, were deeply moved by Zhao's spirit and helped her to escape. Unfortunately Zhao was captured again by the enemy and suffered even crueler torture. But she never gave in.

On August 2, 1936, she wrote down her last words, which asked her child to continue the struggle. On her way to the execution ground, Zhao sang loudly The Internationale and The Ode of the Red Flag, and shouted loudly “Down with Japanese Imperialism!”  and “Long Live the Communist Party of China!”

Zhao Yiman: A National Heroine in Resistance against Japanese Aggression

File photo taken in east China's Shanghai in 1928 shows Zhao Yiman and her son. [Xinhua]


Before her death on August 2, 1936, Zhao left a letter to her son Ning'er:

"It's a pity that your mother hasn’t done her duty to educate you. Because of her resolute struggle against Manchuria and resistance to Japan, today is the eve of her sacrifice. Mother will never see you again before death. Hopefully, Ning'er will grow up quickly and comfort your mother underground! My dearest child! Mother does not need thousands of words to educate you, but uses practice to influence you. When you are grown up, don't forget that your mother died for the country. "

For various reasons, this touching letter wasn’t seen by her son Ning'er until 1956, 20 years later.


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