Chinese Working Mothers Are Playing Bigger Role at Home

ByChen Liubing May 11, 2021

Chinese working mothers are engaging in all walks of life and are trying to strike a balance between work and life. Eight out of 10 working mothers spend 8 to 10 hours on work per day, while 71.6 percent of them contribute more than 30 percent of household income, according to a recent report released by online job-hunting platform Liepin, 21st Century Business Herald reported on Sunday.

Salary and job benefits, stability and commuting distance are the top three key factors for working mothers in choosing a job, said the report, adding that half of working mothers surveyed become more prudent in changing their jobs, as they consider more about the children and the whole family after having children.

As for contribution to family income, 37.83 percent of working moms contribute 30 to 40 percent of household income, while 24.35 percent of them contribute 40 to 50 percent of family income.

According to the report, 32.39 percent of Chinese working mothers are controlling family finances, while 63.12 percent couples are sharing control of finances. Only 4.49 percent of husbands are controlling family finances, the report said.

Men are becoming more and more involved in family lives, as 76.6 percent of Chinese working moms said their husbands do housework often.

The report also showed that younger working mothers are getting less support from their husbands in raising children, as the percentage of working moms born in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s experienced single parenting, with husbands having little involvement in raising children at 10.26, 15.83 and 30.39 percent, respectively.

Despite certain unfair treatment at some companies during their pregnancy, working mothers are treasuring their work opportunities, as 79.91 percent of them work eight to 10 hours per day. 78.48 percent of working mothers are "satisfied" with their current jobs, within which, 14.89 percent of them are "very satisfied" with the jobs.

The top three reasons for moms returning to workplace after maternity leave are "economic and spiritual independence", "becoming a member of the society", and "help relieve family financial pressure", said the report, as 49.88 percent of working moms said they do not want to lose themselves because of children.




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