Shanghai Exhibition Features Contemporary Spin on Time and Space

ByXing Yi October 8, 2021
A portrait of Vincent van Gogh by Zeng Fanzhi  [For Yi]


The art exhibition Time and Space, which gathers 20 paintings and installations by 13 renowned artists from home and abroad, will open to the public in Shanghai's Yangyun International Community from Oct 16 to Dec 2.

Among the exhibits is one portrait of Vincent van Gogh by Zeng Fanzhi, whose work is a tribute to the legendary Dutch artist's own self-portrait and was exhibited in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2018.

Your Lost Time Gradient, art installation by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson [For Yi]


Zeng, 57, is one of China's leading contemporary artists. His Mask Series 1996 No.6 sold for 161 million yuan ($23.3 million) last year, the highest auction price among Chinese contemporary art.

Your Lost Time Gradient by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson is an art installation of two concentric circles made of crystal balls galvanized with different shapes of silver, symbolizing moon phases and the eternal elapsing of time.

Art exhibition Time and Space will be open from Oct 16 to Dec 2 in Shanghai. [For Yi]


Shanghai-based artist Ding Yi is known for his geometric abstract art. He was the first Chinese artist to work with French luxury brand Hermes to print scarves featuring his original design.

At this exhibition is Early Spring in Jiangnan, a square canvas on which small yellow, green and brown crosses are built up with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines, forming an intricate pattern with different layers when observed at different distances.

Early Spring in Jiangnan is an art work brought by Shanghai-based artist Ding Yi featuring a square canvas board on which small yellow, green and brown crosses built up by vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. [For Yi]


Jiang Ning, founder of L.S. Art and curator of the exhibition, said time and space are just numeric measurements without meaning and significance.

"Through the creation of artists, the intangible and the void has been captured and become eternal," he said. "I hope the exhibition adds some poetic memories to life."




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