Traditional Crafts Shine at Shanghai Exhibition

 July 12, 2021
A paper-cutting titled Shanghai Family created by Li Shoubai shows a vivid life scene. [For]


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and showcase the history of Chinese arts and crafts, a grand art exhibition co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai municipal government is being held in Shanghai from June 12 to July 11.

More than 1,500 examples of craftwork from over 1,200 inheritors nationwide are on display at six venues in Shanghai, all open freely to the public.

A Dazu stone carving created by Liu Nengfeng uses local stone from Dazu in Chongqing municipality to portray a lady blowing a flute. [For]


A pottery sculpture created by ceramic artist Pang Wenzhong depicts legendary Chinese kung fu master Huang Feihong, portraying his impressive fighting posture. [For]


The Huishan clay figurines created by art master Yu Xianglian portray two auspicious dolls from Chinese fairy tales. [For]


A wood carving piece created by art master Wang Dufang portrays two Chinese women's volleyball players in the arena. [For]


A wood sculpture created by Long Congfa shows a ship model with dragon and phoenix patterns. [For]


A wheat straw picture created by Nie Yuanzheng portrays a scene of golden harvest. [For]


A drum art piece created by Liang Desong shows an auspicious painting with distinctive Miao ethnic style painted on a drum. Drum dances and Miao painting are both representative of Miao culture. [For]


A farmer painting titled Immortal Sun is based on artist Lu Zhuoyan's real life, which eulogizes famers' diligence and hard work. [For]


An iron kettle created by artisan Hu Zhiqiang combines modern technology with classic design. [For]




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