'Five-Star' Volunteer Warms Community, with Family's Effort

Source :Women of China English Monthly
January 28, 2022
Huang Yueying, my mother, is called "five-star volunteer" by people in our neighborhood.


Weilan Hai'an ("blue coast") is a community in Nanshan District, in Shenzhen, in South China's Guangdong Province. The family of Huang Yueying is well-known in the community. Huang and her husband, Chen Xuming, participate in various volunteer activities. Their harmonious family cares about residents in their community, and especially about people in need.

Since 2002, Mom has participated in various volunteer activities, for a combined 5,000-plus hours.


Everyone in our community knows "if you have a difficulty, turn to Sister Huang for help."


My mother is always busy providing volunteer services, such as supporting students from poor families, environmental protection, being a blood donor and visiting elderly residents who live alone.


Influenced by Mom's kind deeds, more and more residents have joined the team of volunteers.


My father participates in volunteer services as well. He has established a workshop in our community to help residents learn insurance-related knowledge.


Mom and Dad set a good example for me and my brother to follow.


We become volunteers at charity bazaars, we donate money to students from impoverished families, and we show filial piety to the elderly.


Our family members work together to contribute our strength to build a harmonious community.


(Women of China English Monthly December 2021 issue)