Pursuing Dream by 'Green' Breeding

Editor :Ye Shan
Source :Women of China English Monthly
I am Wu Yonghong. The woman in this picture is my wife, Hu Rong. She has 20 years of experience in poultry breeding.


The family's farm is in Chuijiao Village, in Datong, a town in Qijiang District, in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. The hostess is Hu Rong, a model worker in Chongqing, who is known for her excellence in creating wealth by developing a "green," or environmentally friendly, breeding business. Hu and her family are diligent and hardworking. They show how Chinese farmers, in the new era, are pursuing their dreams and achieving progress in their agricultural careers.


In 2001, my wife established her farm to raise chickens.


She pays attention to environmentally friendly ways of breeding poultry. She has registered her brand, Cui Lin (meaning "green woods"), to sell the eggs, with light-green shells, produced on her farm.


"The price of the eggs with light green shells is much higher than that of normal eggs. But I'm confident of our eggs, which are of high quality," my wife once said to me.


As our lives have improved, more and more people have been willing to buy "green," or organic, agricultural products. Our "green" eggs are selling well.


To ensure the eggs with light green shells are of good quality, we have insisted on raising chickens with environmentally friendly methods.


The chickens and eggs under our brand, Cui Lin, are well recognized in the market. My wife has received several awards recognizing her achievements in developing "green" poultry breeding.


To help fellow villagers create wealth, we provide baby chicks to them — for free. My wife also shares poultry breeding tips with them.


My family believes as long as we work diligently, we will live a happier life.


(Women of China English Monthly September 2021 issue)

October 29, 2021