Never Stop Rowing

Source :Women of China English Monthly
September 30, 2021
I am Jia Jing, and I'm the coach of a rowing team from Southwest China's Guizhou Province. My husband, Li Xiaoxiong, was a rowing champion during the Asian Games in 2018.


Li Xiaoxiong and Jia Jing, both rowers, understand, trust and encourage each other. "As my wife and I have chosen to be professional rowers, we shoulder the responsibility of winning honors for our country," Li says. Adds Jia: "We want to see our national flag being raised after we win a race."

I took part in a training session, held in Guizhou, in 2006. I came from Central China's Henan Province, and I met Li during training.


We were attracted to each other. Both of us had clear goals and we trained diligently.


Li joined our national rowing team in 2013. Before he took part in a national competition to win the rowing championship, he said, "Marry me if I win the gold medal."


He eventually won a gold and a bronze during the championship. So, as promised, we got married in 2014.


My husband often trains away from home. From the time I was pregnant until our son was one month old, my husband was busy, as he prepared for international rowing competitions.


I became a coach of the national youth team when my son was only six months old.


Every time I see our national flag being raised, after my team members win an event, I want to tell my son, "This is a gift for you, my dear. Although Mom cannot be with you all the time, I will love you forever."


The support we receive from our family is a great drive that pushes us. We shoulder the responsibility of competing in events on behalf of our motherland.


(Women of China English Monthly August 2021 issue)