Shared Interest in 'Special Collection'

Source :Women of China English Monthly
May 17, 2021
The story of my family begins with my father, Li Wenwen, and his interest in Lei Feng.


In the community of Douyaxiang, located in Donghu District of Nanchang, capital of East China's Jiangxi Province, there is a special exhibition hall that promotes the spirit of Lei Feng (1940-1962). Lei, a deceased Chinese soldier, is a role model appreciated by people, from generation to generation, for his honesty and warm-heartedness. The family of Li Wenwen established that hall.

My father is a big "fan" of Lei, one of China's best-known soldiers. My father used to serve in the army and he respects Lei.


My father's hobby is collecting old publications, such as newspapers. By chance, he collected four newspapers that contained stories about Lei.


Year after year, my father collected old items related to Lei.


When my father was collecting the items, he listened to others sharing their stories about Lei, and he deepened his understanding of Lei's spirit.


My mother supports my father's "interest" in Lei. She encourages him to hold exhibitions, and to explain the stories behind the items he has collected.


We have established an exhibition hall in our community to promote Lei's spirit. More than 500 exhibits are on display.


Our community has a team of volunteers to inherit the spirit of Lei, by lending a helping hand to those in need.


We believe firmly the spirit of Lei will never become outdated, regardless of how we, as people, develop as time passes by.


(Women of China English Monthly March 2021 issue)