Family of Warmhearted 'Auntie Eighth'

Source :Women of China English Monthly
March 19, 2021
I have a big family, composed of four generations of relatives. All of my family members are warmhearted.


Liang Caili, in her fifties, lives in Yangmei, a village in Jiangxi Town, which is administered by Jiangnan District, Nanning, capital of South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. She is the eighth child of her parents. Villagers in Yangmei like to call her "auntie eighth." Liang, with four generations of her family, has participated in the construction of Yangmei.

My grandmother, Liang Caili, is a member of our village committee and also president of the women's federation of our village. Since she ranks eighth among her siblings, villagers like to call her "auntie eighth."


My grandmother is willing to help anyone in our village. She has won the trust of the villagers in Yangmei.


My grandmother helps villagers sell agricultural products and develop tourism, so they can earn a better living together.


My grandmother and my aunts teach methods for cooking peppers, chilies and preserved vegetables and help villagers sell foods produced in our hometown.


My grandmother visits villagers' homes to help them solve problems they encounter with their family members.


My grandmother also visits the school in our village to teach students the importance of showing gratitude.


Influenced by my grandmother, all of my family's members participate in the construction of our village, including offering donations.


My grandmother often says: "We live in the same village. It is our duty to help each other."


(Women of China English Monthly January 2021 issue)