'Granny's Medical Studio' Protects Residents' Health

ByZhang Jiamin November 27, 2021
'Granny's Medical Studio' Protects Residents' Health
A group photo for members of "Granny's Medical Studio" 


During the past 16 years, four retired women medical workers, who live in Yinhe Community, in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, have been committed to protecting the health of the community's residents. They take the residents' blood pressure, especially the elderly residents, and they provide health-counseling services every Tuesday morning, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

Gao Deyuan, 79, started "Granny's Medical Studio," which was established in 2005. She was head nurse at Xiaoshan No. 1 People's Hospital, in Xiaoshan District, until she retired.

Yinhe Community had many elderly residents, so she decided to establish a medical studio in the community to offer various services to the elderly residents.

Meng Cainü, 78, is one of Gao's friends. Meng used to be employed as a doctor with a middle school in the district. She began volunteering at the studio after she retired.

Wang Canzhi, 74, who was a nurse at Xiaoshan No. 3 People's Hospital, in Xiaoshan District, got to know Gao during a group dance activity in the community's public square. Wang agreed with Gao's idea, and she decided to join her in contributing to the community.

Qu Xinhua, 71, moved to the community after she retired, as a doctor. When she heard about the medical studio, she joined — without hesitation.

"When we are busy receiving people in our studio, we don't even have time to drink water," Wang says.

Ruan Yaxian, 64, is a "fan" of the studio. "I have my blood pressure checked every week in the studio. They are patient and warmhearted. They also give me suggestions on how to maintain good health," Ruan says. Influenced by the four elderly women, Ruan has also become a community volunteer — she does needlework for residents in need.

The studio provides an opportunity for the elderly residents to communicate with each other, which, in turn, enhances their sense of happiness. It has become routine for 70-year-old Chen Zhongkang to visit the studio every Tuesday morning, after he buys vegetables. "I have my blood pressure checked and I get advice on health care. We chat like friends. It feels relaxed and comfortable," he says.

Checking one's blood pressure is a quick procedure, but it is important to check one's blood pressure regularly. "One of our neighbors has high blood pressure. She forgets to measure her blood pressure sometimes, so I will call her to come to our studio," Qu says.

Working in the medical studio is one of the most important things the four grannies do each week. When one is on duty, she always arrives on time. That is a promise they make to the residents, and they always stick to their post.

The grannies have won the trust and affection of the residents. They promote the concept of healthy living, and they set a good example for the seniors, especially in terms of living a meaningful retired life.

'Granny's Medical Studio' Protects Residents' Health
A community resident takes blood pressure in "Granny's Medical Studio." 


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