Adhering to Good Family Tradition of Loving Home Country, Hong Kong, Family

 December 30, 2021

Adhering to Good Family Tradition of Loving Home Country, Hong Kong, Family


Members of Tse Ka Wai's family are proud they are both Chinese and residents of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR). The Tses, many of whom are social workers, have helped promote Hong Kong's stability and prosperity for many years. By serving as volunteers (helping residents), the Tses have exerted a gradual, imperceptible influence on residents, by adhering to their good family tradition of loving their home country, Hong Kong and their family.

Tse and his wife, Wong Oi Yung, have long been dedicated to promoting Hong Kong's social development, by volunteering to provide various services to residents. Tse is a member of the local Mutual Aid Committee (MAC). He was once the vice-president of Tuen Mun Youth Association. Wong is a member of Tuen Mun Women's Federation. The couple hopes their efforts as volunteers will not only help residents live better lives, but will also help the residents better understand China, so they will have deeper love for their home country.

Adhering to Good Family Tradition of Loving Home Country, Hong Kong, Family

Tse was born in Hong Kong during the 1950s. His 10-plus-member family lived in a small house. The family was financially strained. "My teachers provided financial assistance to me, while I studied in Hon Wah College (in Hong Kong)," recalls Tse. The school was where he formed his strong values, especially loving his home country, Hong Kong and his family.

"Although my family was hard up when I was a boy, we were content with our simple life. Treasuring everything we had, we lived a frugal life. Also, we had inured to hardships and hard work," recalls Tse.

Adhering to Good Family Tradition of Loving Home Country, Hong Kong, Family

"When our son and daughter were little kids, we cared little about their grades and/or prizes. As parents, we understood our children would become pillars of society, rather than our private assets, when they grew into adults. Therefore, we tried our best to cultivate our children into honest, upright people. We also hoped they would turn out to be responsible persons, who would try their best to repay society for the care and assistance they had received," says Tse. "I also hoped our children would grow into patriots, who would do their bit to promote China (including Hong Kong)'s prosperity and development."

Tse recalls often taking his children (dozens of years ago) to participate in social work, such as volunteering to provide various services to residents, and helping and caring for elderly people who were vulnerable. "We believed our kids would benefit greatly from such meaningful social practice," recalls Tse.

Now, their children help the retired couple inspire patriotism in the residents, and in helping residents deepen their love for Hong Kong.

Influenced by his parents, Tse Wing Hang (the couple's son) has been dedicated to his career for the past 18 years, during which he has progressed from a volunteer to become director of the social services department of the Hong Kong Women Development Association. As president of several social organizations (in Hong Kong), Tse Wing Hang during the past few years has put much effort into promoting women- and youth-related work. He hopes, through his efforts, more residents will understand that without the nation, there would be no Hong Kong, and without Hong Kong, there would be no family. He also hopes more young people in Hong Kong will have a stronger sense of national identity.

As members of the executive committee of Tuen Mun Youth Association, Tse Yuen Han (Tse and Wong's daughter) and her husband do their best to help Hong Kong's young people better understand their home country.

The Tses have carried on the spirit of loving both their home country and their hometown (Hong Kong). Their common wish is to promote Hong Kong's stability and prosperity, so the younger generation will live a better life.


Source: Hong Kong Women Development Association 

(Women of China English Monthly November 2021 issue)


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