Pic Story: Miao Girl Embraces Her New Semester in Guizhou

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Source :xinhuanet.com
Pic Story: Miao Girl Embraces Her New Semester in Guizhou()

Pan Xuefei, a girl of the Miao ethnic group from Dadai Miao Village of Congjiang County in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of southwest China's Guizhou Province, is embracing her new semester at a middle school in Guizhou's capital city of Guiyang after graduating from a village elementary school. In recent years, Dadai Miao Village has seen a steady progress in people's living conditions as well as children's education. With the government's support, brand-new buildings have been built at local elementary schools and roads to and within the village have been paved. Girls' education has also received more attention from the government. Upon graduating from Dadai Elementary School in the fall of 2021, Pan Xuefei, together with nine other children in the village, got the opportunity to study at a middle school in the capital city of Guiyang benefiting from the government's paired support project. "My dream is to be a village teacher in my hometown," said Pan Xuefei. "I want to pass knowledge on to children like me in the mountainous area and help them see the outside world and pursue their dreams."


(Source: Xinhua)

March 7, 2022