Pic Story of Employment Base for Disabled Youth in Tianjin

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Pic Story of Employment Base for Disabled Youth in Tianjin()

In a special compound in Shigezhuang Town, Baodi District, 49 disabled youths with an average age of less than 23 work and live here. Mental retardation, visual impairment and other disabilities once made them feel inferior. However, with the help of Tian Lichao, they are becoming more and more confident.

One day in 2016, Tian Lichao met a lost girl with intellectual disabilities on the road. After talking with the principal of the special school where the little girl attended, Tian learnt that one of the difficulties for disabled children in the future is employment.

In the following years, Tian has been trying to help disabled children. On July 2, 2019, when the first batch of children adopted by Tian Lichao came of age, she set up an employment base for the disabled. At first, she could only teach them simple labor such as packing washing powder, making soap and mop. After that, these disabled youths started dry cleaning shops with Tian's help, and they became more and more confident in contact with people, no longer afraid of talking to strangers.

"Most of these young people have mental diseases such as autism, and they will become more and more autistic if they keep living in a closed environment." Tian said, "We are a family, and I hope to make them happier and more confident in this way."

Now, Tian has started various projects with these disabled youths, helping more of them to go out and better integrate into society.

Tian Lichao also led the youths to provide volunteer services to many villages, such as washing clothes and making quilts for villagers in need, and holding local artistic performances. Today, this group of young people have subverted people's stereotypes and touched many people with their hard work.


(Source: Xinhua)

March 7, 2022