High Tech Helps Woman Build Smarter Family Farm

Editor :Ling Xiao
Source :chinadaily.com.cn
High Tech Helps Woman Build Smarter Family Farm()

Zhang Chen, who graduated from Hebei Agricultural University, built a family farm in 2018 and worked together with some institutions to set up a mechanization platform for the entire agricultural process.

Zhang also invited experts to install the Beidou Navigation Satellite System on 11 agricultural machines, realizing full automation for plowing, sowing, fertilizing, filling and harvesting on a working area that measures over 2,000 hectares.

Moreover, Zhang promotes and sells agricultural products through livestreaming. Now, online sales account for 25 percent of her family farm revenue.

High technology has brought broad prospects for the development of her family farm, and she has become increasingly interested in intelligent agriculture and confident in farming, said Zhang.


(Source: chinadaily.com.cn)

June 24, 2021