He Wenhua, Paralyzed Villager Casts off Poverty by Weaving

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Source :Xinhua
He Wenhua, Paralyzed Villager Casts off Poverty by Weaving()

He Wenhua, 44, once lived in a remote village of Haiyuan County of Zhongwei City, became paralyzed in a car accident when being a migrant worker in 2011. The accident, which gave her high paraplegia, made her desperate at a time when the family could hardly support itself. With the help of her husband, He Wenhua finally got her confidence to keep living.

In 2015, the family moved to Hongsibao District of Wuzhong City, where the biggest resettlement area for ecological immigrants in China was being built. He Wenhua started her new life here with the help of the local government, with new house built, cow raising and farming work offered. He Wenhua also learned to make weaving works via online course on her smartphone that enables her to know more about the outside world. A local poverty relief official helped her to register an account on the internet and taught her to sell her weaving works online. In 2019, the family finally shook off poverty with income from online sales.

Therefore, He Wenhua started to help women in her village to learn the artwork by providing free lessons. Now there are over 20 women doing the same work as He Wenhua, making an average income of 2,000 yuan (about 295 U.S. dollars) every month. He said that she felt her life alive again after she did the weaving work.


(Source: Xinhua)

September 23, 2020