Diabolo Players in Beijing

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Source :Xinhua
Diabolo Players in Beijing()

Dong Shulin, 66, lives with his wife Mei Yongpei and his 9-year-old granddaughter Dong Yutong in Beijing. Dong Shulin started to play diabolo in 2003 and now the whole family are fond of playing this traditional folk game, in which one can throw and catch a spinning top by moving a cord fastened to two sticks. In Dong Shulin's home, over 70 diabolos were placed all around. Some of the diabolos were purchased and others were home-made, especially the big ones with a diameter over 60cm. Dong was good at playing big diabolos, "playing big ones required skills and strength, and I have both," said Dong Shulin, "when performing on stage, you won't get a second chance." In 2011, Dong Shulin was elected vice chairman of the Beijing Diabolo Association. It is now his responsibility to teach and perform diabolo playing in order to promote the game. Dong Shulin and his wife Mei Yongpei were licensed "instructors of social sports" and often invited, together with other diabolo players, to middle schools and residential compounds to teach people play diabolos. Dong believed playing diabolo is a good way of doing physical exercises. "Playing diabolo will not cost you much money or time, and it is a whole-body movement," Dong Shulin said, "everyone could try this, not only the seniors, but also young people."


(Source: Xinhua)

August 31, 2020