'Most Beautiful Family' Helps Children Experience Qixi Culture

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'Most Beautiful Family' Helps Children Experience Qixi Culture()

Hailing from Tongling City in East China's Anhui Province, Cheng Aixia's family is known by the honorary title of the Most Beautiful Family of Tongling City due to their artistic prowess in the fields of painting and calligraphy. 

As Qixi Festival, or traditional Chinese Valentine's Day approaches, Cheng and her family members met children in the painting and calligraphy studio in Chaoyang Community on August 18 to give lessons on painting and calligraphy, aiming to greet the time-honored Chinese festival and promote traditional culture.

Qixi Festival will fall on August 25 this year.


(Source: CNSPHOTO/Translated and edited by Women of China)

August 23, 2020