Middle School Girl's Summer Vacation on Inner Mongolian Pasture

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Middle School Girl's Summer Vacation on Inner Mongolian Pasture()

Summer vacation has been Xilinhua's favorite time of year. In order to attend middle school, the 14-year-old lives most of the time with her grandparents in downtown Xilinhot, separated from her parents who run a ranch on the Baiyinxile pasture. Therefore, summer means both relaxation and reunion to the seventh grader. Xilinhua's father Gangsuhe is a famous horse rider. Learning from him, Xilinhua had also mastered equestrian skills when she was only 10. In this summer vacation, the girl has just taken part in a parade of horses during a Naadam event held near her family ranch. Every day when she finishes her homework, Xilinhua has plenty of ways to enjoy summer with parents and pals, be it a ride on horseback or a round of traditional Mongolian board game. 


(Source: Xinhua)

August 10, 2020