Couple Fight Against COVID-19 on Frontline

Editor :Wang Liyan
Source :Xinhua
Couple Fight Against COVID-19 on Frontline()

Niu Jing, a staff member of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Tanghe County in Nanyang City, Central China's Henan Province, and her husband, Fang Xian, First Secretary of the Party Committee of Qianwan Village, Guotan Town, are working together on the frontline of curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

After getting the information of suspected cases, Niu, as an epidemiological investigator, identifies people who have had close contact with patients infected with COVID-19 before and after the outbreak of disease within 24 hours and reports the information in a timely manner.

Fang's work is to take various preventive measures to protect the village from the virus outbreak. He visits quarantined villagers on a daily basis, watches over people in and out of the village at the entrance, publicizes information about epidemic prevention, and reports local prevention and control situation in real time. 

In order not to be distracted from work, they sent their two young children to relative's home. Despite of hard work, the couple believe that the concerted efforts of the society will definitely defeat the disease, and they expect that family reunion will come as soon as possible.


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

February 18, 2020