Procurator Works Hard to Promote Social Justice

ByGuo Yizhuo and Fan Wenjun November 3, 2021
Procurator Works Hard to Promote Social Justice
Shi Jinglan, a procurator with Shanghai Pudong People's Procuratorate is at work.


Have you started pursuing your life's goals? Goals and dreams are like guiding stars in our lives. Shi Jinglan, a procurator with Shanghai Pudong (a district in Shanghai) People's Procuratorate, for the past 27 years has been making a determined effort to realize her dream — to be an excellent State procurator. Given her persevering efforts to improve her professional skills, she has become an expert in handling cases involving infringements of individuals and/or organizations' financial and/or intellectual property rights. Shi, who has dedicated her life to promoting social justice, has proven, through her actions, the value of a Party (Communist Party of China) member.

During the past 27 years, Shi has left shining "footprints" behind her. She has received numerous honors in recognition of her efforts and hard work. For example, she has been named an Advanced Worker, a National Model Procurator and a National March 8th Red-Banner Holder. She has taken pride in handling cases properly, to ensure the parties concerned receive justice.

Upholding Justice

Shi will never forget the "glorious moment" when she vowed to fulfill her lawful duties faithfully, and fairly. That was in May 2014; it was the day when she assumed the post of chief procurator, with the Shanghai People's Procuratorate. "Throughout the years, I have felt a great sense of honor for being a procurator," says Shi.

In September 1994, shortly after she graduated from the department of law, under East China University of Political Science and Law, the Shanghai People's Procuratorate employed Shi as a recording clerk. Within a short time, she joined a work team composed of many well-known procurators. She was determined to follow the examples of the senior staff, so she could realize her potential as a procurator. With the help of the experienced procurators, and given her persevering efforts to improve her professional skills, Shi has become an expert in handling cases involving infringements of individuals and/or organizations' financial rights.

Shi is always scrupulous about every detail when she handles a case. Some cases resolved by her have become benchmarks for procurators. Many of her colleagues have been impressed by her dedication to her career.

In March 2017, Shi received a phone call from the leader of a Shanghai-based company (a developer of online games), who asked her to help protect the company's intellectual property. The person told Shi the company had suffered heavy financial losses, as hackers used new cyber technologies to control the game server, so they could gain illegal profits from an online game developed by the company. Shi said she needed time to study the online game, and that made the company's leader think Shi was trying to avoid dealing with his case. The man was surprised when Shi called him (six months later) to notify him the procurators' team, led by Shi, was about to visit the company to obtain evidence. The man was even more surprised when he discovered Shi, who formerly knew little about cybercrimes, could use technical terms to ask him and his employees questions about the game.

To avoid being caught, the hackers used an overseas communication tool to contact each other, and they employed computer technicians, who were virtually clueless about the crime, to solve technical problems. Shi and her team's members took pains to obtain evidence, and they eventually cracked the case. Shi is pleased the team's work experience can help guide law enforcement agencies, especially as they handle cases involving cybercrimes.

Promoting Judicial Reform

In early 2014, China initiated a nationwide judicial reform. In May 2014, Shi assumed the post of chief procurator with the Shanghai People's Procuratorate.

A short time after her appointment, Shanghai Pudong People's Procuratorate took the lead, in China, in exploring new ways to handle cases. Shi volunteered to serve as a part-time procurator with the procuratorate. When asked about her motive to work in the district-level procuratorate, Shi replied she would strive to solve problems that affect the implementation of procuratorial work, as she worked in the procuratorate, at the grass-roots level. She believed that would help deepen the judicial reform.

In March 2017, Shi began working, as chief procurator, for Shanghai Pudong People's Procuratorate. Within a short time, the procuratorate established offices named after its four top procurators (including Shi). The offices were the first of their kind in China.

To improve work efficiency, Shi has established regulations regarding her office's work flow, and the system of discussing cases (among procurators in the office). As a result, she has seen a marked improvement in the number of cases handled by the procurators (in her office).

Shortly after the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in early 2020, Shi led her team in working around the clock, as they handled a case involving infringement of intellectual property. To avoid cross-infection, Shi organized her team's members to interrogate suspects online. Within seven days, the team interrogated 74 suspects, and reviewed more than 30 relevant cases. They made concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties (in their work) caused by the epidemic, and the team eventually cracked the case.

Protecting Rights, Caring for Victims

Shi cannot remember how many cases she has handled, but she clearly remembers the details of many cases. "A procurator must be very careful when he/she handles a case, as his/her judgment might change the fate of an individual or a family. Therefore, a procurator must have a strong sense of responsibility," says Shi.

More than 10 years ago, she visited Fang Fang, the victim of a burglary and attempted homicide. The attack left Fang paralyzed from the chest down. Her five-year-old son, who witnessed the crime, suffered from emotional trauma. Shi not only offered financial assistance to Fang and her son, who depended on each other for survival, but she also helped them apply for legal aid. In addition, she called on society to help and care for Fang and her son. Now, Fang's son is studying in a university, and their living standards have substantially improved.

"Many elderly people and youngsters fall victims to cybercrimes, financial fraud and other, new types of crimes. Therefore, we should publicize legal information among the residents, to help them improve their ability to protect their rights and interests," says Shi.

When a procurator handles a case, he/she should take the interests of the parties involved into consideration, so he/she can earn the people's trust, Shi adds.

Serving People with All Her Heart

In July 2017, Shi was elected a delegate to the 19th CPC (Communist Party of China) National Congress, which was held in Beijing from October 18-24 . She was the only delegate representing procurators from Shanghai. In his report to the congress, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed efforts should be made to advance the law-based governance of China. His comments deeply touched Shi, and his remarks strengthened her determination to devote herself to her career.

Procurator Works Hard to Promote Social Justice
Shi Jinglan goes to Beijing to attend the 19th CPC (Communist Party of China) National Congress.


During the following months, Shi shared her experience in attending the congress with residents of various districts in Shanghai, and with workers of enterprises and institutions (in Shanghai). Many of the spectators were impressed by Shi's passionate speech on how to promote the spirit of the congress.

On July 1, Shi attended a grand ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC in Beijing. Impressed by General Secretary Xi's speech during the occasion, Shi vowed to make greater efforts to improve her work.

"I'm lucky that I live in a good age. To implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's people-centered development philosophy, I'll continue serving people with all my heart, to enable the parties concerned to receive justice," says Shi.

Procurator Works Hard to Promote Social Justice
Shi Jinglan works with her collegues.


Photos Supplied by Shi Jinglan

(Women of China English Monthly September 2021 issue)


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