12 Women Model Civil Servants Honored

 December 28, 2020

The publicity activity of the Most Beautiful Civil Servant was initiated by the Organization Department and the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in August, 2020, to commend and promote the deeds of the role model civil servants. A list of 32 civil servants honored with the title of the Most Beautiful Civil Servant was unveiled on December 6. Among them, there are 12 women.

Gao Yanmei, 49, serves as secretary of the leading Party members' group and director of the Sports Bureau of Hedong District, North China's Tianjin Municipality. Gao became an official supporting Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Northwest China's Gansu Province, in July 2016, and she has helped local impoverished households receive better healthcare and solve their problems in life.

Shen Miao, 45, serves as secretary of the Party committee of Lianxing Township, Nenjiang City, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. Shen had worked as a village-stationed official for poverty alleviation since 2015. She completed the task of poverty relief in Shuguang Village on June 15 this year.

Liu Shuangyan, 45, serves as Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Bozhou Taxation Bureau and first secretary and poverty-alleviation team leader in Zhuji Village, Lixin County in Bozhou City, East China's Anhui Province. She has devoted her heart and soul to helping lift impoverished people out of poverty for nine years.

Zhu Mingming, 37, is a cadre with the Henan Provincial Women's Compulsory Isolation and Drug Rehabilitation Center. After graduating from college in 2007, Zhu become a police officer. At the rehabilitation center, she has devoted herself in treating women addicts with care and patience and helping them regain confidence in life.

Han Yijin, 33, serves as a member of the Party committee and director of the Political Department of Emergency Management Bureau of Yiling District in Yichang City, Central China's Hubei Province. Han has played a major role in epidemic containment, flood prevention and control and emergency rescue in the district.

Mei Mei, 39, is a procurator with the People's Procuratorate of Dadukou District, Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. Mei has been engaged in the judicial work of minors for 15 years. She has helped 144 "children in trouble" get on the right track and has publicized legal knowledge to more than 100,000 students.

Shi Yurong, 41, serves as secretary of the Party committee of Gaosun Township, Muchuan County, Southwest China's Sichuan Province. After Shi began serving as first secretary of Anping, an impoverished village, in July 2015, she targeted four key areas including people's livelihoods, local industries, people's spirit and cultural tourism. She helped lift the village out of poverty at the end of 2017.

Duan Liping, 49, is a senior judge of the People's Court of Chuxiong City, Southwest China's Yunnan Province. In the past 27 years, Duan has devoted all her efforts to promoting impartial administration of justice and providing better judicial services for people.

Liu Shaohua, 51, serves as Party secretary and director of the neighborhood committee of Yongfuyuan Community and member of the Party committee of Chengguan Town, Yongchang County, Northwest China's Gansu Province. She established nine volunteers' teams to offer voluntary services on a regular basis. She led the volunteers to publicize epidemic containment amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hai Ping, 51, is a staff member of the Office of the People's Government of Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City, Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and first secretary of Dongxia Village (in Yuanzhou). Hai has made great efforts to help local people get rid of poverty, including developing local industries, paving roads and holding professional skills training sessions.

Yimiran Baiheti, 36, serves as deputy secretary of the Party working committee and director of the office of Langan Sub-district, Aksu City, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. She encouraged the villagers to sell their agricultural products via online platforms, and she organized pairing-up assistance activities for people in need.

Xu Xiaocui, 46, is a police officer at the Hami District Public Security Bureau, 13th Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Xu did an excellent job in epidemic prevention and control amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


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