Wuhan, Here It Is!

ByYe Shan May 22, 2020
Wuhan, Here It Is!
Yellow Crane Tower


This spring, Phoebe Fang posted on her Weibo account a series of jewelry designs, with the theme "Wuhan." Wuhan is China's hardest-hit region by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Those designs highlight the best-known architecture, scenic spots, plants and foods in the city. Fang says she hopes her works will help people better recognize the charms of Wuhan. She also hopes the city will shine like beautiful jewelry.

Wuhan, Here It Is!
Dawn Redwood in Wuhan


The first design highlights Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. "The bridge symbolizes a 'collective memory' for natives of Wuhan. A local friend once told me that people of my parents' age, or older, probably all have posed for photos with the bridge as a background. I was inspired by the structure of the bridge and its bridgehead. My design reflects the stableness and connectivity of Wuhan City," Fang explains.

Wuhan, Here It Is!
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge


Some of her later designs are closely related to her personal experiences. For example, she designed dawn redwood in a scenic spot, named Luoyan Island. "My husband and I went to the spot, on dates, several times. I remembered how beautiful the redwood looked when being reflected by the sunset. Drawing such a design enables me to recall the precious experiences I have had while living in Wuhan," Fang says.

Wuhan, Here It Is!
Guozao (meaning "having breakfast" in Wuhan dialect)


Fang has received encouraging feedback from viewers. The feedback helps her realize the "true power" of works of art. Also, she is happy to see her designs have given "strength" to other people. "For natives of Wuhan, who are now in other places, they miss their hometown after they look at my works. For people who have never been to Wuhan, they long to visit this city one day in the future. As long as I am inspired by this charming city, I will continue to create such designs," Fang adds.

Wuhan, Here It Is!
Phoebe Fang, a native of Yangzhou, in East China's Jiangsu Province, has lived in Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei Province, for eight years. Fang is currently a teacher with the Gemmological Institute of China University of Geo-sciences (GIC), in Wuhan.


Pictures Supplied by Phoebe Fang 


(Source: Women of China English Monthly April 2020 issue)


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