Reading an Important Part of Family's Motto

Editor :Ye Shan
Source :Women of China English Monthly
My name is Wang Zongyun. I like reading, calligraphy, painting and music.


"My family members love reading. In fact, reading is a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation in our family. We not only obtain knowledge and broaden our horizons by reading various books, maintaining our passion for reading is also an important part of our family's motto," says Wang Jida. The Wangs live in Baodi, a district of North China's Tianjin Municipality.

My grandfather is a calligraphist. He tells our family members it is important to write well, and to be a good person.


My father and uncle have learned calligraphy from my grandfather since they were young.


Everyone in my family loves reading. We have a collection of nearly 5,000 books at home.


My father is usually busy during workdays. But he reads books whenever he has spare time.


My mother is a teacher of Chinese language and literature. She gives me guidance when I am reading.


I have a sister. I liked to read books to her when she was a baby.


Last year, while people all over China were fighting against COVID-19, our family donated money to join in Baodi District's efforts to combat the epidemic.


We gain knowledge from books, and nurture our spiritual world. Reading is a good tradition of our family.


(Women of China English Monthly April 2021 issue)

June 1, 2021