Chinese Students' Homework Time Triple the Global Average

December 21, 2017  Editor: Jane Wang

Chinese students spend triple the amount of time doing homework compared to the global average, reports China Youth Daily.

According to a newly released report on the homework pressures facing primary and secondary school students, Chinese students' average daily homework time has dropped from 3.03 hours to 2.82 hours a day over the past three years, but it is still much longer than the global average.

The report was published by Afanti, a Chinese AI-oriented education platform. It is based on investigations of its nearly 100 million registered online users as well as customers of its 100 offline branches.

The report shows that more than 90 percent of parents supervise their children when they are doing homework, with 78 percent of parents doing this every day.

The homework burden is taking a toll on many families. About 76 percent of families reported experiencing homework-related bickering.

Teachers also suffer from the homework burden, with over 40 percent of their workday spent reviewing student's homework.

(Source: Xinhua)

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