May 18, 2016
Officials Conduct Evaluation of Social Services for Women, Kids in E China
May 13, 2016
Song Xiuyan, vice-president and first member of the Secretariat of All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), headed a supervisor team specialized on the mid-term evaluation of two major countrywide development programs, to carry out a four-day inspection tour of east China’s Zhejiang Province from May 8-11.
4 Outstanding Female Chinese Scientists Making Their Mark
May 12, 2016
Female Chinese scientists are consistently making a difference in the scientific field. They have earned respect and influence across the world, and are recognized for their talented efforts.
Middle-Aged Chinese Women Spend Less than Expected on Facial Products: Survey
May 5, 2016
Nearly 70 percent of Chinese women aged above 45 spend less than 10 percent of their monthly expenses on skin care products, according to a recent survey.
Major Chinese Airport Launches Female-only Security Channel
May 3, 2016
Shenzhen Airport in south China's Guangdong Province has recently launched an exclusive security check channel for women, designed to improve efficiency and offer more convenience to its female passengers.
Top-Rated TV Drama Finds Popularity among Female College Grads
May 6, 2016
An online survey conducted by social media platform Sina Weibo, revealed that female college graduates born in the 1990s are the most faithful audience of hit 2016 Chinese drama series Ode to Joy (Huanle song).
Refusing to Offer Seat on Bullet Train: Proper or Immoral?
May 9, 2016
Internet users in China have recently been debating about whether or not to offer a seat to those in need on a bullet train, after a report about a female university student who was criticized by a help-seeker for refusing to do so went viral online.
Ma Rong: China's 1st Female Banknote Engraver
May 9, 2016

Ma Rong, aged 54, became China's first female banknote engraver in 1997 when her design and engraving appeared on the front of the fourth series of Chinese paper currency. She has since gained popularity and maintained an arduous working method for over 30 years.

Pop Star Writes Blog Post in Defense of Women Having Late Pregnancy
May 5, 2016
Chinese pop star Annie Shizuka Inou recently spoke back against critics of her boldly-shot pregnancy photos, and addressed comments about her second marriage with a much younger husband, in a post on social media.
Editor's Pick
Fine Little Day
Author: Zeng Yanbing
Zeng Yanbing, the female Chinese writer and artist, launched her new book Fine Little Day in Beijing on May 7, which details how to stylishly prepare tables for a dinners or special occasions.
Filmmakers Propel Ethnic Minority Culture into Limelight
May 6, 2016
The premiere of Forever Green Hajia, China's first film about the Salar ethnic minority, who are mainly distributed in northwest China’s Qinghai Province, was held in Beijing on May 4. Filmmakers and ethnographers attended the event to discuss the development of minority movies.
Dad Transforms Daughter's Scribbles into Cartoons
May 6, 2016
Fu Xingye, an illustrator in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, has painted more than 40 pieces based on his 4-year- old daughter's scrawls, planning to display the results in one of the city's art exhibitions recently, according to a report from Guiyang Evening News.
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