Schoolboy Submits Proposal to Boost Fatherly Involvement in Education

January 2, 2019
Editor: Wei Lingling
Fathers and their children attend parent-child activities at a club in Shanghai's Changning District. [China Women's News]

Cui Junyi, a 6th-grade student at Xiaobeilu Primary School in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong province, recently gained attention after he wrote a unique proposal on family education to the local young pioneers congress.

In his proposal, Cui said that the role of fathers should be given greater attention in child education.

Before he wrote the report, Cui conducted a small survey in which he asked 35 students whether or not their fathers ever tutored them whilst they did their homework.

Only five students said their fathers did so regularly; 20 said their fathers never did; and, 10 said their fathers did so only occasionally.

Fathers are role models for children in family education. Children who grow up with the love and care of their fathers are usually confident and positive, according to most experts.

Nowadays, however, it is usually mothers who accompany their children to attend tutorial classes, parents meetings or parent-child activities.

The lack of fatherly company will have an adverse influence on a child’s growth, says Cui.

"The involvement of fathers in education for their children depends on the requirements of the school to some extent," reported Han Ping, headmaster at Cui's school.

Another primary school in Guangzhou carried out a campaign called "Fathers in Class". As part of the activity, fathers of students were invited to teach some special classes.

Some fathers refused since they were too busy at work. Then, the children’s requests began to mobilize their enthusiasm.

It is understandable that fathers cannot be involve in every detail of family education since they may suffer much pressure from work. However, fathers must not miss the key point of their children's growth.

The guidance and advice of fathers has a great impact on children when they are choosing their interests to develop. The company of fathers means a lot when children are frustrated or when they attain achievements.

"We have explained that fathers should also attend parent-teacher conferences as much as possible. Suggestions on educational method from teachers can help fathers to understand children and enhance parent-child relationships," said Han.

Fathers should care for their children's inner needs and accompany them with all their heart rather than staying with children while playing with their cell phone, according to a leader of the psychology department at another primary school.

(Source: Guangzhou Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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