Trend of Online Consumption among Young People: Health, Pets

July 11, 2018
Editor: Chen Caixia


Young people born after 1990 are now pioneers of exploring fashion and defining trends with their consumption habits and living styles.

CBN Data, a data platform of China Business Network Co., Ltd, published a report on June 14 analyzing the online consumption habits of young people using big data during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Asia exhibition 2018.

Young people born after 1990 are gradually comprising the majority of the workforce in the current job market. The report shows that with their average salary increasing, luxury goods have become a target for their consumption, such as branded bags, expensive cosmetics and high-end skin care products.

Several branded bags in particular are popular among them. Based on the records of Moschino, Loewe, and Marni were the top three brands sold in 2017.

People's pursuit of health has also increased the public's passion for fitness, and the young are fond of nurturing healthy living habits by regularly doing exercise. As such, the online sales volume of sporting goods keeps increasing annually.

According to the report, young people are the main consumers of online sporting goods, and there are several differences in their preferences. Those born after 1995 prefer more strenuous exercise, like skateboarding or in-line skating, while those born from 1990 to 1995 prefer more gentle sports, like swimming or yoga.

Snacks are another popular product for young white-collar workers and students, with the report showing that snacks are now expected to be healthier.

Products designed for one-day consumption, like small bags of nuts, are very popular among young people, combining both nutrition and convenience.

The report also shows that this group also likes to consume products which help them stay healthy. Among the sales volumes of related products in August and September 2017, young people have bought more than their elders.

Honey, Chinese wolfberry, whey protein, healthy tea, and enzymes are the top five most popular products amongst young people.

Moreover, in recent years, they've become more fervent about their pets, leading the sales of pet-related goods to increase.

They also have their own tastes when it comes to interior design. The report says that young people prefer simple and clean styles in their bedroom decoration, showing their personal taste through special touches, such as a full-length mirror or a cozy couch.

They also like small products which can help them sleep well, such as eyeshades, earplugs, hypnotic sprays and scented candles.

According to the report, young people are the main consumers of entertainment and competitive sports products, accounting for 58 percent of all consumers. Among them, those born after 1995 occupied 21.5 percent, about one fifth of all consumers.

Young people will lead the public consumption market. They have paid more attention to the quality of life and individual interests and are trying their best to live in a healthy and simple way, so it appears inevitable that they will remold the consumption market in the future.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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