Report: Chinese Women Enjoy Raised Quality of Life in 2017

July 9, 2018
By Zhang PingEditor: Su Yilin

Women of China recently magazine conducted a survey among 4,422 women from 357 cities and/or counties across the country.

The Report on 13th Survey on China Urban Women's Quality of Life was co-produced by Huakun Women's Life Survey Center (HWLSC) and Huakun Women's Consumption Guidance Center. Questionnaires were also collected from women participants in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

According to the results released, Chinese women prefer to work in internet-connected industries nowadays. Meanwhile, they benefit from a more diverse and personalized career choice.

Some 29.5 percent of those polled said they make a living by opening physical stores; 24.3 percent said they run online stores; 23.9 percent said they write posts for official WeChat accounts; 22.2 percent said they run certain social media accounts; and, 17.1 percent said they are anchors of live webcasts.

Women have similar expectations towards their work, according to the statistics.

Some 55.8 percent of those surveyed said they hope to have good working environment and maintain a harmonious relationship with their colleagues; 52.7 percent said they hope to have time to take care of their family; and, 51.3 percent said they wanted to feel a sense of gain from their work.

Meanwhile, 48.8 percent said they desire a high salary; 48.5 percent said they want to combine their work with their interests; 28.1 percent said they hope to have time at their disposal; and, 16 percent said they want to start their own businesses.

Most respondents exercise regularly. Specifically, 68 percent of those polled said they exercise to keep fit; 57.4 percent said they exercise to shape their bodies; 40.6 percent said they exercise to reduce stress; 23.2 percent said they exercise to strengthen their will; and, 21 percent said they exercise to make new friends.

The group’s top three life stresses come from raising kids, interpersonal communication and their jobs, accounting for 45.2, 42.4 and 42.3 percent, respectively, according to the report.

Women pay special attention to their mental health and find various ways to relieve pressure.

Some 55.7 percent of those polled said they talk to their friends when they feel down; 40.8 percent said they communicate with their family members; 38.3 percent said they reduce stress by attending entertainment activities; 33.4 percent said they read psychology books; and, 27.5 percent said they release stress by shopping.

When it comes to their daily family life, some 40.2 percent of those polled said they spend their weekends with their family members; 38.6 percent said they spend their free time with their kids; and, 32.8 percent said they pay visits to their parents on weekends.

Meanwhile, some 31.9 percent said they are too busy to spend time together with their partner, and 16.1 percent said they agree with the view that couples should spend time together how busy they are with work or other family members.

Most of the respondents want a high-quality family life, according to the figures.

Some 65.2 percent said they desire to have a harmonious and optimistic family atmosphere; 62 percent said they hope that couples love each other and share their experience with each other; and, 50.5 percent said they hope family members can go through difficult times together.

Meanwhile, some 50.4 percent said they hope their kids grow up healthily and happily; 35.9 percent said they hope their family members can tolerate each other and communicate; and, 33.2 percent said they want to manage their family affairs wisely.

Women have a higher economic status in their families than in previous years, with 70 percent owning their own houses, according to the figures.

Women nowadays enjoy a rich spiritual life, according to the statistics.

Some 42.6 percent of those polled said they like organizing gatherings with their friends and family members; 40 percent said they often travel; 35.7 percent said they usually accompany their children in their free time; and, 34 percent said they do yoga and dance.

Meanwhile, some 31.6 percent said they purchase knowledge services such as online courses and lectures, and 31.5 percent said they have joined many social circles.

Chinese women have passion for public welfare activities, according to the figures.

Some 91.5 percent of those surveyed said they have participated in public welfare activities at least once; 55.9 percent said they like participating in WeChat-based charity events; and, over 30 percent have experience attending government-organized social commonweal activities or working as volunteers.

The overall evaluation index of urban women's quality of life in 2017 was 7.5 points, with the satisfaction degree of physical and mental health, family life, job, living environment and income being 7.9, 7.6, 7.6, 7.5 and 6.8, respectively.

Those who are interested are encouraged to read 2018 Blue Book on Women's Life for more information.

(Women of China)

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