Survey: Negative Emotions Affect Almost Every Type of People

May 11, 2018
Editor: Su Yilin

China Youth Daily conducted a recent survey among 2,014 people to learn about their moods during their everyday life, indicating that most of them have at least once lost their temper.

Furthermore, the authors suggested various means through which such bad moods can be alleviated.

According to the results, some 87.2 percent of those surveyed have experience of losing their tempers. For those who have already gone into work, the percentage reaches 88.7 percent.

"It will happen less if they ease their negative emotions in time," said Shu Man, vice director of the Psychological Quality Education and Research Department at East China Jiaotong University.

Some 78.2 percent of the respondents said bad tempers have negative effects on their lives, such as leading to low work efficiency, lower interest towards life, conflicts with people around them and physical headaches.

"We can learn to adjust our emotions to the environment," added Shu.

According to the statistics, when in a bad mood, some 55.8 percent said they take exercise; 53.2 percent of them choose to listen to music; 32.4 percent talk to their families or friends; and, 6.1 percent do nothing and let things “just happen”.

When it comes to emotional control, 61.3 percent of those polled thought that self-confidence helps; 46.9 percent said people should express their bad temper in a positive way; 41.3 percent said people should keep an optimistic mind.

Shu introduced the “four-A” principles to tackle bad tempers, which are “Awareness, Acceptance, Acknowledge and Action.”

"Awareness means people should be aware of their emotional changes; acceptance means people should accept their negative emotions; acknowledgment refers to knowing the cause of unhealthy emotions; and, action means one can seek professional help," explained Shu.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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