Chinese Parents Anxious about Children's Homework

November 28, 2017
Editor: Jane Wang

Around 84 percent of respondents said that they have anxiety about helping their children with their homework, while 63 percent think their main responsibility should be supervising their children finishing homework.

The latest survey was released by the Social Survey Center of Beijing-based China Youth Daily which polled around 1,980 parents.

The survey found that 37.1 of respondents said that they have accompanied their children to do school homework every day, while 44.2 percent said that they have spent around 30 minutes to an hour doing this.

When it comes to how often those polled have accompanied their children to do homework a week, some 34.4 percent said that they have done so three or four times and 19.7 percent have done so once or twice.

In terms of how long they have accompanied their children to finish homework, the survey found that 44.2 percent have spent 30 minutes to an hour; 20.6 percent have spent one to one and a half hours; and, 16.9 percent have spent less than 30 minutes.

The survey also shows three things that bother those polled most including children being inefficient in doing their homework (58 percent); making various minor mistakes in homework because of their carelessness (48.7 percent); and, children not have a good command of knowledge even though parents have taught their children particular points many times (43.9).

Aside from this, other annoyances include children failing to concentrate (41.2 percent); parents having to get involved in children's homework (25.3 percent); and, having to sign and check children's homework every day (19.9 percent).

When it comes to their original intention of accompanying their children to do homework, 60.2 percent of respondents said that they wanted to understand what their children are studying and 47.9 percent thought that it is an important way to communicate with their children.

Around 31.8 percent of those polled said that their children hope that they can be accompanied to finish homework, 31.7 percent of the respondents' children do homework poorly without their supervision and 30.5 percent said that they have to do this in accordance with the teachers' requirements.

In addition, 46.2 percent of parents believed that education combined with recreational activities is primary and homework is secondary, while 27.4 percent suggest parents should accompany children to do homework for the whole process and 14.8 percent said it is not necessary to coach children to study more.

Tang Zhisong, dean of the Institute of Education at Southwest University, believes that parents should choose the proper way to accompany their children to do homework in accordance with children's needs.

Tang said, "It is important for parents to help their children become independent and form the habit of learning by themselves. If parents are really needed to help children with homework, they should reduce the time as much as possible and give them guidance in terms of learning methods and ways of thinking."

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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