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  • Art Exchange through Cross-media Adaptation and Women's Radiance——Reading Girl with a Pearl Earring from a Feminist PerspectiveDecember 13, 2012The cross-media artistic masterpiece Girl with a Pearl Earring began with the famous Dutch painter Jan Vermeer's classic genre painting in the 17th century, then continues with the U. S. writer Tracy Chevalier's popular fiction, and finally finishes with the British director Peter Webber's famous film. With paint, text and visual images of different artistic materials, and with different spatial and temporal artistic forms, these three artists vividly demonstrate the human stories which have intertwined with youth, love, lust, temptation, retreat and tolerance. In Vermeer's artistic work, the young girl wearing pearl earrings shows women's radiance. And in the novel and the film, the same name of heroine Griet illuminates women's independence and dignity.
  • American Media and Anti-feminist MovementDecember 11, 2012Under the influence of the "New Right" ever since the later part of the 1970s, the American mainstream media has helped coordinate and spread an anti-feminist movement. It, first, demonized feminist images by making fun of the images of career women, single women as well as male feminists.
  • Son Preference or Preference for Having Son and Daughter? Chinese Attitudes towards Reproduction and Policy ImplicationsDecember 11, 2012Using data from a survey of local residents in three different areas in Shaanxi Province in 2009, this study adopts the Confirmatory Factor Analysis to decipher the inner structure of and the differences in gender preference attitude toward reproduction among various groups.
  • Legal Norms and Organizational Strategy: Women's Labor Rights in Transformation of SystemsDecember 11, 2012The earlier work unit system, which was built on a unity of national target and organizational targets, promoted the protection of female labor rights and interests and thus, gender equality in employment. The economic reforms have since changed the previous system as division of organizations has created void in the system to protect women's rights and interests and hence, required laws and regulations that have widespread binding force to do the job.
  • Legislation against Domestic Violence Needs a Masculinity PerspectiveNovember 12, 2012Legislation against domestic violence is now in discussion; one aspect needs to included is the complex relationship between masculinity and domestic violence. It is masculinity, not all men, that perpetuates domestic violence. Men can also become victims of domestic violence. Legislation against domestic violence should also protect the rights of male victims of domestic violence. It should emphasize reform through education over punishment. Analysis of masculinity serves an important source for such education. It is also important to recognize the influence of the system on perpetrators of violence.
  • Executive Report of the 3rd Survey on the Status of Chinese WomenNovember 12, 2012The All China Women's Federation and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly organized the 3rd sturvey on the Status of Chinese women starting on December 1, 2010. Based on the preliminary analysis of the findings, this report reveals the overall status of Chinese women in ten areas and the state of five particular groups of women. It identifies eight areas of progress made by Chinese women and six problems still challenging them as it proposes relevant strategy for further improvement.
  • American Women, Religion and PoliticsNovember 7, 2012Generally speaking, women are more religious than men in the United States of America, resulting in them becoming more involved in religious life and church activities.
  • A Feminist Perspective of Family MedicineNovember 7, 2012This paper adopts a feminist perspective to examine the neglect of women in the traditional theory and practice of family medicine that still prevails today.
  • Women Poverty: From Rural to Urban and Rural, from Income Poverty to Multidimensional Poverty——Evaluation of Studies of "Women Poverty" in China Since 2000November 7, 2012This paper adopts empirical analysis to assess the profitability, management, and the coverage and quality of loans of Zhao Wuda Women's Sustainable Development Association in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. It proposes policy recommendations based upon the evaluation of the performance of the women's microcredit operation in order to help Women's Federations improve services to and management of women's microcredit operations.
  • Narrative of Love and Desire in the Gender Politics of 1950's-1970'sOctober 11, 2012After the triumph of the revolution, to maintain social order and stability and as well, to gather and concentrate physical efforts in serving revolutionary construction, State ideology intensified infiltration and control of individual's love life and desire.
  • Relationship between the Reform of Theatre and Women Emancipation in Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China: Henan as an ExampleOctober 11, 2012During the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, movement to reform traditional theatre began to rise and its purpose was to transform social traditions, an aspect of which was women's liberation. At the end of Qing Dynasty, the government of Henan Province, an influential theatre market, allowed women to watch performances in theatres. There were more and more opportunities for actresses to perform on stage during the beginning of early Republic of China.Once well-known actresses staged shows for disaster relief and supporting education, largely helping promote women's status. The examination of the reforms of Henan theatre shows that these reforms promoted women's liberation,and conversely, women's liberation contributed to innovations in theatre.
  • Evaluation of Women's Microcredit Operational Mechanisms: Empirical Analysis of Zhao Wuda Women's Sustainable Development Association in Chifeng, Inner MongoliaOctober 8, 2012This paper adopts empirical analysis to assess the profitability, management, and the coverage and quality of loans of Zhao Wuda Women's Sustainable Development Association in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. It proposes policy recommendations based upon the evaluation of the performance of the women's microcredit operation in order to help Women's Federations improve services to and management of women's microcredit operations.
  • Inappropriateness of the 11th Article of the Most Recent "Marriage Law Explanation(III)": From a Perspective of "Protecting the Other's Rights and Interests Inside the Joint Property of Marriage"October 8, 2012This paper uses definitions of the Constitution to analyze the extent to which the 11th Article would encroach on the other's rights and interests inside the joint property of marriage as well as related uncalled for use of judicial resources increasing social instability. It insists on the supreme authority of the Constitution and special law over general laws and legal rulings of encroachment as illegal conduct, and upholds justice and law in protecting women's lawful rights and interests so as to promote an enabling social environment for safeguarding women's rights and interests and social stability and harmony. It suggests changes or removal of the 11th Article of the Marriage Law Explanation(III).
  • Communist International and Growth of Women's MovementOctober 8, 2012The Communist International upheld and developed Marxist theory of women's liberation. It helped women's movement realize its organization and system of scale. These measures helped proletariat women's movement to maintain its goal and effectiveness although they overlooked women's special interest and inhibited growth of women's movement.
  • Inquiry into of the Contemporary Style of Chinese Women's Participation in Politics: Policy ConsiderationsSeptember 13, 2012Women's participation in politics primarily takes the forms of democratic participation through elections and participation based on rights and as a legitimate group.
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